Amazon's App Alexa Finally Hits Android Smartphones Starting this Week

Amazon’s App Alexa Finally Hits Android Smartphones Starting this Week

Amazon will be creating a history by rolling out back to back services for its customers. A few days ago, it revealed its Spark app to enhance user’s experience while shopping for their products and now it is providing Alexa for its Android users. Alexa is a personal assistant app that supports setting up an alarm, weather broadcasting, providing the information of traffic in the real-time system and verbal communication facility for iOS users.

This application needs to be integrated with the shopping app of Amazon to experience flawless shopping. Amazon has not yet declared it officially but the app will most probably hit the market this week. The existing version of Alexa provides fascinating features like giving the basic information about music, sports, nearby places, daily news updates etc.

The new version installed within the shopping app provides similar features. The other functionalities allow the user to regulate the home appliances or smart devices such as refrigerator and toasters. Moreover, you can use the app in a similar way you use Uber to book cabs, enjoy playing the game while shopping and much more can be added to the list.

Alexa will not be available immediately to all the Android users. Users need to hold their breath for a while to enjoy the experience the service Amazon is offering. However, you can opt for Echo device to get the instant access to the application. If you try to access the app using Echo device, users will get notification regarding the connection of a device to the Alexa app.

This notification will also provide the facility of modifying Alexa app as per user requirements. Amazon has not added any additional functionalities to Android rather it has just made Android its member. It will not make this app available for all of the smartphone users all at a time. Rather, it will roll out progressively.

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