A 24-Year-Old Model becomes Blind after Getting her Eye Tattooed, which is Alarming

a 24-year-old model becomes blind after getting her eye tattooed, which is alarming

The tattoo fad is most popular among the youngsters which is seen globally. However, one should be aware of the health risks and dangers of getting inked. People like to get tattoos on their different body parts. However, one of the latest trend seen nowadays is that people like to get their eye tattooed which is something horrible. A Canadian model has become a victim of this fad. A 22-year-old model named Catt Gallinger has become blind after getting her eyeball tattooed.

Catt Gallinger has tattooed her eyeball which has proved to be risky. Recently many reports have shown the negative impacts of tattooing which can cause skin infection and other disorders. In spite of all these hazards, some people are blindly getting themselves tattooed and that too on sensitive body parts. This fad of tattooing your eyeball is known as “sclera tattoo.”

In sclera tattoo, the white color surrounding the eyeball is colored. Different colors are applied to this white portion of the eye using a hypodermic needle. This model has colored her eye using purple color. She has done this tattooing in the mid-September. Soon after she got her eye tattooed, a purple color liquid used to drip through her eye. Not only this, she even reported swelling of the eye and her vision was completely damaged.

After this horrible incident, she advised that people should think twice before getting tattoos on their sensitive body parts. Catt has also shared videos and posts related to this. She said that the damage was caused due to the ink or due to the injections. Before swelling, she noticed a purple color liquid which was continuously dripping through her eye.

Later on, the condition was even worsened and there was swelling of sclera along with hemorrhage caused due to needles. After this, she reported that there was irritation in her eye and her vision became poor day by day. This incident is the real example which sheds light on the damage caused by tattooing.

Health experts recommend that this damage may be caused due to infected needles or due to the ink. She blindly trusted the tattoo artist who has asked her to get her eye tattooed and now she is planning to take legal action against him. After this incident, her modeling career will get a complete halt. She also visited cornea specialist many times after this incident.

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