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AI and Machine Learning Technology will help to Convert Pet’s Resonances into Words

Pet lovers, do you want to know what your pet actually wants to say? Your conversation with them will now become easy there is a virtuous news for you all. Amazon says after few decades pet lovers will get familiar with the technology that will convert their pet’s voice into words. Isn’t it amazing?

The idea was coined long back but today it will be converted into the reality. Machine learning and artificial intelligence would form a base for developing this technology. According to William Higham, the author of the study, the emergence of new technology all depends upon needs and requirements of the community. “The number of pet lovers is increasing day by day and this is what makes the technology more trending”, he further added.

The scientists say that pet lovers will be able to translate dog’s barking, cat’s meowing and moo sound of cattle into the words with the help of this new technology. Later, after some time, the software will be placed around the dog’s neck to make prediction easier for the owner and know why the dog is actually barking for.

Animal lovers need to wait for a while as the device will take some years to roll into the market. Con Slobodchikoff analyzed the signs and activities of the animals from last 30 years and since then decided to develop a software that could make communication between pet lovers and animals easier. However, he needs more fund to design and make this technology work.

Using the databases that contain recorded sounds of a number of animals, a scientist will develop an algorithm and set of rules. But they are still not sure this technology will work entirely or not because similar technologies and software like “Translate for Animals” were developed previously that are not much convincing and had major drawbacks.

“Hopefully, this technology will increase more interactivity between animals and animal lovers”, said Amazon.

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