Health fitness watch has saved the life of a man in Brooklyn today. A smartwatch designed by Apple and its application, HeartWatch triggered the lung blood clot sensation to James Green, a 28-year-old man that might otherwise have been proven as lethal.

Green said, “I never thought this simple watch that I purchased a few years back to keep me still alive. It gave me feedback that my heart rate has gone up and there’s a blood clot in my lungs.” Later, Green immediately rushed to the hospital to seek CT scan followed by further medical treatments. CT scan revealed a blood clot in his lungs. But, everything is very well with Green now.

According to the medical reports, he suffered from a pulmonary embolism and that could have been fatal if he would not have pursued for the medical treatment on time. Apple Watch triggered some unusual symptoms that made him visit the doctor immediately.

What causes a pulmonary embolism?

  • Irregular heartbeat could be one of the signs of pulmonary embolism.
  • Heart finds it difficult to pump the blood to other body parts.
  • Results in increased blood pressure inside the lung area.

Green says he needs to update his watch to the latest updates that support and triggers the heart rate status. As his watch was very old, his watch did not contain these latest features. Likewise, Apple has saved number of lives till date with its smartwatch trigger. Its SOS features might help in treating the patients in case of emergencies.

Professionals say, smartwatches and fitness trackers have the capability to alert you regarding your heart rates but most of them are approved as an assured medical device. Hence, cannot be recommended as one of the powerful devices to track your cardiovascular functions.

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