Bill Gates' Now Aims To Cure Deadly Alzheimer’s Disease
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Bill Gates’ Now Aims To Cure Deadly Alzheimer’s Disease

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft is now planning to cure the most common and deadly Alzheimer’s disease. A popular technology addict and prominent face of technology have invested $50 million to facilitate the research in this field and combat the deadly Alzheimer’s disease.

Many research studies and ways to treat Alzheimer’s disease are being proposed by the researchers. But these methods do not provide much health benefits and cannot cure the disease of its roots. Bill Gates now invested a huge amount in Dementia Discover Fund to find out new ways and techniques which can treat this condition.

Bill Gates is also planning to invest in new startup research firms which will help the people suffering from Alzheimer’s to lead a happy and healthy life. With the advancements taking place in the medical field, the life expectancy of an individual is improved. But only improved life expectancy is not enough as people should be able to enjoy their life by leading a healthy life.

Bill Gates has acknowledged that Alzheimer’s disease hampers the normal life of an individual and affects their physical, mental and emotional well-being as well. He said that it is very disappointing to watch your loved ones suffering from this condition as the whole family is equally affected by this condition.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the grave issue and number of deaths due to this condition was 1.9 million in 2015. This disease is commonly seen among elderly people. Some of the common symptoms of the disease include languages issues, mood swing, a decline in memory and others.

After Cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease is commonly seen and it is the sixth leading cause of death. The number of people suffering from this condition may reach 16 million by 2050. A memory decline seen in case of Alzheimer’s disease is due to shrinking of brain size and reduced functioning of nerve cells.

As the symptoms of the disease grow further, the plaque deposit and protein tangles increases. However, these symptoms are not seen during the onset of disease and hence it is difficult to eradicate this condition from its roots.

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