Cheese Market – Low Fat Cheese to Gain Popularity among Health Conscious Consumers

When it comes to cheese, consumers are looking for flavor, freshness, and authenticity. Cheese continues to enjoy popularity among Americans and consumers across the globe. Consumers are consuming cheese not just for flavor, but also on account of its nutritional benefits.

Factors driving the growth of the global cheese marketLow Fat Cheese

The growth of the food industry, growing disposable income of consumers across the globe, and changing lifestyles, are some of the factors indirectly boosting the growth of the cheese market. The trend of eating outside is fueling the demand for cheese from restaurants, hotels, food joints, and cafés. Cheese is not only enjoyed by kids, but also by adults and this is behind the steady demand for cheese across nations. Moreover, cheese manufacturers are exploring different options and coming up with innovative flavors, thus driving the global cheese market. The number of distribution channels is also increasing and is boosting the sales of cheese. Cheese is sold through retailers, super markets, hypermarkets, and grocery stores.

The latest trend in the global cheese market

Players in the market are formulating new blends of cheese for very specific applications such as macaroni and cheese and homemade flatbreads. New blends of shredded cheese such as roasted garlic and rosemary are gaining traction among consumers. As consumers are becoming more health conscious, the demand for low fat cheese is expected to increase in the coming years. The demand for natural cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and cottage cheese is witnessing a high demand as consumers are seeking healthier varieties.

The manufacturing process of cheese has changed with time. With advancements in genetics of microorganisms, the use of chymosin, which is known for enhanced resistance to bacteriophage infection is done for the manufacturing of cheese. This method of production not only gives a unique flavor but also enhances the quality of cheese, and thus gaining acceptance across the globe.

Regions which are expected to be a lucrative market for cheese

Cheese is an important part of many cuisines in Europe and thus, unsurprisingly, Europe has led in the cheese market in the past and will continue to do so in the forthcoming years. North America is second in terms of cheese consumption. It is expected that the Asia Pacific cheese market will expand at the most significant pace in the coming years. China and Japan are projected to be the leading contributors to the growth of the cheese market in Asia Pacific.

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