China Disturbs the WhatsApp Facilities in Online Clampdown

China Disturbs the WhatsApp Facilities in Online Clampdown

WhatsApp, the giant messaging application that has worldwide users have blocked their partial services in China. WhatsApp users in China were unable to share their pictures, GIFs and videos over WhatsApp and couple of them were left out from sending or receiving the messages. This disturbance had made a history in “Great Firewall” structure of China.

Other than WhatsApp, many other sites introducing popular international shows were also disrupted. This clampdown has strengthened administration’s inspection. WhatsApp all the time worked for dodging out disrupting itself from China but instead of WhatsApp, other messaging applications like Instagram and Facebook were targeted by the suppression.

Blocking of WhatsApp services initially originated from the internet strainers of China but others were not allowed to disclose the issue regarding the disturbance. Nadim Kobeissi from Symbolic software said, “We acutely tested the substructure of WhatsApp and came to the conclusion that Great Firewall was the real culprit for criticizing many performance issues of WhatsApp.”

Recently, Chinese users were prohibited from accessing the internet by cutting down various tools from the applications. Moreover, the government of China has announced to prohibit virtual private networks that are illegally accessed. This move will come into existence most probably at the starting period of next year.

Apple has started its new business in China this year. Avoiding the use of VPNs and disrupting the messaging apps has become mandatory for all the companies that have their data ware house in China. WhatsApp has a bulk number of users all over the world but unfortunately, the count is less in China. WeChat is the most ruling messaging application in China.

WhatsApp is far better than WeChat as it provides security services to an end to end encryption to many business people. This feature goes missing in WeChat. In spite of this advantageous feature, users opt out using WhatsApp.

China has planned to hit the markets of other messaging apps such as Signal that would put the messaging company in huge trouble.

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