Cutting Down the Cost Of Morning-After Pill can Inspire Women to Use it

Nowadays there are many women across the world who opt for contraceptive pills to prevent the unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. The rate of consumption of such pills is high in the United States and they are largely consumed by the teens and adult women. These contraceptive pills are commonly known as the morning-after pill.

The cost of the morning-after pills is growing drastically due to which many women refuse to buy them. The reports by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that these contraceptive pills should be made easily available at an affordable cost as they play a major role in cutting down the risk of unwanted pregnancies.

In order to support this initiative, the retailers like Superbug and Tesco have decided to lower down the cost of these contraceptive pills after a campaign which was led by The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). This move was taken by the pharmaceutical companies when they found that the price of Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHCs) is five times higher compared to other European companies.

The price of these contraceptive pills in France was $7.15 but t local medical stores they were sold at $36.71 which is quite higher. Even though there is a big difference in the cost of morning-after pills the local pharmacy stores have declined to cut down the cost of these pills.

Due to the high cost of these pills, the British women have avoided to buy them. The use of morning-after pills is legal in the UK. So, the women should be able to get these pills without paying any additional costs. This high cost of morning-after pills may be due to the misuse of such pills by the teens.

About 61% of British women consume morning-after pills during an emergency situation. Lastly, the choice to opt for such morning-after pills or not should be decided by the women. The local pharmacy stores should not raise the price of these pills otherwise there will be more women who will prefer to go to Superdrug and Tesco stores.

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