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Dimes Shelf’s Journey from a Restaurant to a Branded Lifestyle

dimes shelf's journey from a restaurant to a branded lifestyle

Dimes is a retail store shop that vends a variety of goods and products. Previously, Dime was involved in selling the restaurant products but now it has made its journey towards branded lifestyle. It is known to be the most famous restaurant delivering all the items to its customers on time.

It is being designated as four-star micro-eatery serving many people across New York. It has occupied a small space in the Manhattan town of New York City. After a huge success, the restaurant was shifted to a spacious place towards Dimes Deli, said De Sousa, the co-owner of Dimes.

Dimes Deli served the mouthwatering dishes which included bowls, smoothies, and sandwiches. Dimes Market was entirely a new addition to the Dimes Shelf. Today, Dimes Market is going to sell something beyond food items. Along with food items, dime bags, chocolate bars, and signature vegan will be added to the Dime’s shelf.

Other items include NSFW greeting cards, rolling papers, and ceramic water filters. They will also deliver customers favorite books. She also managed to salt scrub, lip balm and rosewater spray for her friends and colleagues.

You would now get the real fashion sense from Dimes. It has designed a pepper mill worth of $120, a sweatshirt and a candle powered by Of a Kind that is obviously not a part of the food. “We trust in providing creativity to a group of neighborhoods and families”, she added.

We can walk into Dimes store in the morning to have delicious breakfast, then afternoon lunch and a short rest to have a yummy dinner. Still, more items such as pantry items, cosmetic and natural beauty products are on the way to hit the Dimes shelf.

“Why can’t we add more and more items to the list? If it suits your budget and brand, then there are no limits”, she concluded saying.

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