Essential smartphone comes with the mixed features – some decent and some immoral

Essential smartphone comes with the mixed features – some decent and some immoral

Andy Rubin tried to experiment something new and different what others never thought off. Hence, he came up with an essential smartphone having end-to-end display and camera placed at the upper corner of the device. Its initial price is $700. However, when users are confused while making a purchase decision the following features offered by essential can ease down their purchase decision.

Best features served by Essential smartphone

The display screen:

While other smartphones come with AMOLED display essential comes with LCD display screen. This nowhere puts the smartphone down. In fact, it offers outstanding viewing angles. The phone does not have any grooved ring, hence, looks pretty decent.

Framework quality of the device:

The front side of the smartphone is made up of titanium frame while the rear side of ceramic. This makes the phone heavily weighted. Moreover, it is extremely strong and vigorous.

Inbuild software:

The company has not made any customization on the mobile phone. It has inbuilt Android 7.1.1 OS. The device has very less pre-loaded applications

Inappreciable features of Essential smartphone

The weird cut out:

It’s really unpleasant to see the cutout at the top edge of the display screen. This was necessary so as to make front camera clearly visible. Initially, some smartphones of essential came with the camera positioned at the bottom of the device clicking unusual pictures and videos. Hence, later OEMs decided to shift its position at the top.

Front and Rear camera:

The front camera comes with two rear cameras, one 13MP monochrome color while the other with 13MP Red Green Blue color. The images captured from the mobile phone has a poor quality. The company is trying to eradicate those issues as soon as possible.


The device is free of unwanted software but what about hardware? Definitely, it’s more powerful than software configuration. The only issue left will be the software optimization part.

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