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Global biogas market growth expected to be driven by rising concerns about environment pollution and increasing need of eco-friendly waste management

Biogas is produced by fermentation of organic matter under anaerobic condition. Biogas contains 55-70% of methane, 25-40% carbon dioxide, and 0.2% of nitrogen. These gases get produce from respiration of microorganisms, which decompose the waste products. The composition of gases depends on the substance being decomposed. The use of biogas is high among developing countries such as India and China, there are more than one million small, simple plants, each treating waste products (sewage, animal manure, crop residues, etc.) for biogas production, which is further used for household purpose or commercial purpose. The individuals use biogas in the house for cooking the food and digested biomass use as a fertilizer for farm.

Rising adoption of biogas plants owing to its environment friendly properties, such as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation of global warming, reduces dependency on imported fossil fuels, and helps to reduce waste material. Also, increasing demand for eco-friendly waste management among metro area and rising concerns related to pollution and global warming, which are some major factors driving growth of the global biogas market. In addition, biogas produces organic fertilizers which are very useful for farmers, and it reduces water and soil pollution, which is an another factor anticipated to drive growth of the global biogas market over the forecast period.

Primary factors hampering market growth includes high installation cost of biogas plant, large size of biogas plant, and lack technological advancements in developing countries.

The global biogas market report has been segmented on the basis of application, and region. On the basis of region, the global biogas market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. In addition, among application segment heat and electricity generation segment is expected to hold the major share as compared to other applications.

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The global biogas market is currently at a mature stage and growth has been relatively slow owing to lack of new technological advancements. The market in Europe is expected hold major revenue share owing to increasing adoption of biogas for electricity and heat generation in countries in the region. Revenue from the market in Asia Pacific region is expected to rise significantly in the forecast period owing to factors such as increasing adoption of biogas for cooking and fertilizers in the countries in the region.

Some key players in the global biogas market include Envitec Biogas AG, Biogas Nord AG, Swedish Biogas International AB, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies SA, Wärtsilä Corporation, Gasrec Ltd., Cryostar SAS, Cryonorm BV, Biofrigas Sweden AB.

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