fully dental articulator market

Global fully adjustable dental articulators market is expected to witness growth due to the devices providing the same function as a jaw

Articular is a mechanical device used in dentistry to which the upper and the lower (maxillary and mandibular) teeth are fixed to reproduce accurately the three-dimensional nature of the glenoid fossa anatomy. Amongst other articulators such as adjustable, semi-adjustable, anatomical and disposable, the fully adjustable dental articular is used to reproduce more than one movement, similar to a jaw. It has a centric relationship, protrusive and retrusive movement and it has a left-right lateral maxillomandibular relationship. These devices assist in the fabrication while removable of dentures and, fixed prosthodontic restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays and orthodontic appliances.

Some of the factors that support growth of the global fully dental articulator market is that it is highly helpful to plan dental procedures based on the relationship between opposing natural and artificial teeth, treatment planning to shorten the treatment time, and to have better control of the desired tooth measurements. Moreover, enhancement in facial features for plastic surgery where teeth and jaw are lost or damaged by accident, removal and relocation to provide an ideal bite, correction of malformation in a young growing child are also some of the factors driving growth of this market.

One of the key factor that might restrain growth of global fully adjustable dental articulator market is the lack of medical coverage for dental procedures in developing economies. Other factors that are likely to affect the growth adversely are high cost of procedures involved and time consuming operations.

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The global fully adjustable dental articulator market is segmented on the basis of type, end users, and regions.

North America holds the largest share in the global fully adjustable dental articulator market, due to technological advancements and medical coverage for dental procedures. Europe follows the North American region, due to high quality of healthcare provided in major countries and also due to its rapid simultaneous advance on all technological fronts.

Key players profiled in the global fully adjustable dental articulator market report include Amann Girrbach AG, B&D Dental Coporaton, Kerr TotalCare, KaVo, Whip Mix, Hager Werken, Fasa Group, IML Instrumenta Mechanik Labor GmbH and, Navadha Enterprises.

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