ozone generators market

Global ozone generators market growth is expected to be driven by growing demand for air and water purification from end-use industries

Ozone layer or ozone traps sun’s heat and is essential for living things on Earth. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, the third atom can easily detach from the ozone molecule and reattach to other substances, altering their chemistry. Ozone generators produce the same gas in large quantities, that unstable organic compounds will react with the gas and can be altered, so that they will no longer be irritating or dangerous. Ozone generators make ozone by breaking apart oxygen molecules. These generators are used as sterilizers in end-use industries for air and water purification purpose. Ozone generators are used extensively for air purification and removing smoke and odours.

Ozone acts as most effective sterilizer of water. Growing industries use substantial amount of water, which is increasing need of water purification systems in order to recycle and reuse the water. This is boosting ozone production, which is a key factor propelling growth of the global ozone generators market. In addition, increasing emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) is leading to increasing air pollution levels. Air purification systems are in demand from past few years to get rid of the health problems, which rise due to air pollution. Growing concerns towards health, coupled with increasing disposable income are other factors expected to aid growth of the global ozone generators market over forecast period.

On the basis of type, corona discharge segment is expected to witness significant growth owing to its wide use in the industrial sector. Corona discharge helps in easy ozone production by transferring high voltage energy to break divalent oxygen molecules to form a 3-atom oxygen molecule.

High cost of installation is a key constraint in the growth of the global ozone generators market. In addition, health hazards in human such as coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing, asthma, and other respiratory infections can be caused due to inadequate ventilated areas is another factor expected to hamper growth of the global ozone generators market over forecast period.

The global ozone generators market report has been segmented on the basis of technology, application, and region. On the basis of region, the global ozone generators market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

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Asia Pacific accounted for highest share in terms of revenue in the global ozone generators market followed by North America and Europe. The growth in Asia Pacific is attributed to growing industries, such as automotive, construction, food & beverages, and healthcare. Growth of ozone generators in North America and Europe is attributed to favourable government policies towards ozone generation and high disposable income in the region.

Key players in the global ozone generators market include Degrémont SAS, Xylem Water Solutions Argentina S.A., Ebara Corporation, Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Chemtronics.Co.,Ltd., DEL Ozone, Inc., Ozocan Corporation, Pacific Ozone Technology, Inc., Absolute Systems (Pty) Limited, Primozone Production AB, and The International Group, Inc.

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