Google’s High-resolution Street View Camera gets Updated for the first Time in 8 Years

google's high-resolution street view camera gets updated for the first time in 8 years

The tech giant Google made a tremendous update this time that is immensely breath taking. The old fashioned huge camera which resided on the top of the vehicles for Google Street View will slowly degrade. The company has updated this camera for the first time in eight years. The new updated version will reflect its potential features with the help of technology based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

The initial bulk quantities of cameras are replaced with only seven cameras that are merged within 20-megapixel sensors. The newly updated camera will capture high-definition images from all the angles using the feed image recognition algorithm. Unlike the previous version, there are two cans, one placed at the front end while other on the back end of the laser radar.

Google Street View’s hardware will provide vital information including maps, place names, payment accepted and opening hours of a company all under one roof. The machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence captures the relevant street numbers and names and accordingly add them to the Google Street View database.
Moreover, excellent image quality, highly accurate and leading-edge data in the database has opened the doors to offer best results considering Google as its main platform. Machine learning can further help in mounting Assistant functions and firing a query in the google search tab.

According to Jen Fitzpatrick, Google will expand its business by endorsing Google Maps to illuminate user searches more deeply. It will also be answering common and most relevant user questions such as “What monument is placed next to the Church in Malad?” If Google starts showing off deeper information then it can definitely answer such sort of questions.

Google decided to deal a partnership with Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous car company. The newly updated Google Street View Map has already started its work by capturing images of the roads

Google said that it does indeed collaborate with Alphabet’s Waymo self-driving car tech subsidiary, per the report, but did not elaborate further and said the exchange of info is a two-way street.

The new Street View cars have already started capturing imagery on the roads last month, and will gradually roll out to more spots around the world.

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