Instagram will roll out new trending auto-play sound feature, the company never thought so

Instagram will roll out new trending auto-play sound feature, the company never thought so

Sometimes, it becomes quite irritating when suddenly auto-videos start playing on your browser whenever you are searching for a vital piece of information. Simultaneously, they provide you mute option as well. Instagram today has attempted to bring something similar to the market but with different strategy.

Its primary concern will be to adjust the preferred volume of the auto-play videos and keep it constant throughout the entire session of Instagram. Now, how this will work? Initially, when you adjust the sound of the videos, and when you open Instagram for the next time, the default volume will be same as that of the earlier session.

For the second session, you can adjust the volume by clicking on the left tab provided on the screen and then the same adjusted volume will continue to work for all videos till the end of the second session. You can even totally disable the volume of the videos if you feel its irritating for your ears. This goes on for every time you login into the application.

Instagram’s newly updated app will very soon hit the global market. This would definitely better up user experience while using Instagram. Users can enjoy their ear soothing videos without any interruption and irritation that happens during switching the volume button up and down every time.

You can watch the entire set of videos with the same volume and you don’t need to make the adjustments every now and then. The whole setup of Instagram remains same, so users do not need to worry you can enjoy browsing your Instagram stories as before.

Facebook also made an earlier declaration about this update. So, hold your breath everyone to enjoy the astounding experience of videos while browsing Instagram stories. The company is going to bring much more fresh items for its users in coming few days.

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