iPhone 8 will Miss the Amazing Feature of Touch ID

iphone 8 will miss the amazing feature of touch id

Apple will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 12th of September this year. Many questions and rumors linked with iPhone 8 popped up in the customer’s mind. Will iPhone 8 come with an OLED display? Will it come with Touch ID sensor? What will be its cost? Will it feature the pro-version?

Apple has finally cleared all the customer doubts and worries. Users will badly miss the experience of Touch ID feature in iPhone 8. Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple says, “Our system engineers tried a lot to bring touch ID sensor to iPhone 8 but they faced many problems while making it work” “Due to lack of time, finally we decided to take off the feature from the smartphone.”

Though it’s miserable that company dropped the idea of Touch ID, it is still arranging to add facial recognition technology. Moreover, Apple faced many issues related to its OLED screens. So, considering this issue, we are still unaware of how much time it will take to push the smartphone in the market.

Apple is trying hard to become the most wanted tech company. To achieve this, it created its own app economy and an app store. It brought its ever-waited iPad to the company. The flawless services it provides have drawn many users towards itself. Apple is also on the verge of developing health and fitness tracking application along with wearable computing devices.

Naming the iPhone has still remained a mystery. Don’t know if Apple will continue naming new iPhone with its ‘S’ series or name it as iPhone 8. Other rumored names are iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro, and iPhone X.

Astounding features iPhone will put on airs will be 3D facial scanning and recognition technology, non-existent home button, wireless charging capabilities and end-to end OLED screen display. Well, all the rumors would get clear at an event of Apple’s 10th anniversary which will arrive in few days.

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