Jon McNeill Leaves Tesla to Fulfill Rex Tibbens’ Position of Chief Operating Officer At Lyft.

Jon McNeill Leaves Tesla to Fulfill Rex Tibbens’ Position of Chief Operating Officer At Lyft.

Jon McNeill was one of the prominent members of Tesla group handling the president position of global sales and service after joining the company in 2015. The recent departure of this prominent executive from the prestigious position was informed by Elon Musk to the analysts on the earnings call related to the fourth quarter revenues which were conducted on Wednesday. On the same day, Lyft made an announcement about naming Jon McNeill as the new chief operating officer of this ride-hailing company, the position which was earlier managed by Rex Tibbens. Elon Musk also confirmed that the replacement of this vacant position would not be found and moving forward this department would be reporting directly to him and he would manage the operational activities of this respective department. He also gave his best wishes for the bright career to Jon McNeill while making the announcement. The newly developed incentive compensation plan would have immensely benefitted McNeill in termed of $700000 as part of the bonuses when he would have managed to generate targeted sales revenue after deliveries for the last two quarters of the year ending 2017.

Tesla developed a unique matrix through directly related to the service performance of their respective vehicles associated with the financial and operational activities and scores achieved from the customer satisfaction level. This is not the first time when Tesla is hit with such departure activity of very important and prominent executives. The business development executive Diarmuid O’Connell was one of the prominent and valuable executives who left Tesla and Elon Musk in September last year. The role and responsibilities managed by Diarmuid O’Connell were transferred to Jon McNeill after his departure from the company. Diarmuid O’Connell was responsible for the successful negotiation of the Tesla’s Fremont factory and currently owned Nummi Plant which Toyota and General Motors had possession cumulatively and have the capacity to developed approximately 430000 vehicles. He also leads the organization in the deals related to the building of their Gigafactory located in Nevada and another battery factory which is yet to be completed at Reno.

Just like Diarmuid O’Connell, Jon McNeill was equally talented and valuable executive of the Tesla group. He was credited with doubling the sales and improving their customer service satisfaction level and managed more than 10000 employees across 32 countries. Jon McNeill is considered to be an innovator in developing the mobile services along with the in-store experience of the customers in the automobile sector. This vision and passion of Jon McNeill are visible through his innovative strategies since the time he was a member of the founding committee and a CEO.

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