Microsoft 365 is the Combination of Office 365 and Windows 10 Developed for Business People

Microsoft 365 is the Combination of Office 365 and Windows 10 Developed for Business People

Microsoft, the Redmond-based company has come up with a new solution which will help the business users. With the new Microsoft 365, the company combines the Office 365, Windows 10 along with the Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security features into a single unit.

The entire bundled Microsoft 365 is a useful software solution and it is basically meant for the business people to offer a complete and secure solution. This new bundled solution by Microsoft will roll out from August 2. Apart from this, there is one more subscription plan called Office 365 business Premium which will include the premium bundled and management features for the Windows 10 users.

Both the subscription plans are launched as a part of Microsoft’s Inspire partner conference in which more than 17,000 people had participated. The Microsoft 365 Business will cost the user $20 on monthly basis. As the company is developing in many ways with its branches present globally such plans will definitely help many users.

Microsoft 365 is differentiated into two bundles namely Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5 which will be launched on August 2. However, the confirm pricing about both the plans is not yet revealed but it will vary based on different factors. A new application will be coming along with the bundled subscription which are Microsoft Connections, email marketing service, Microsoft invoicing ad Microsoft Listings.

Furthermore, the company has also included a MileIQ app and Azure Stack for hosting the hybrid cloud. Many companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo are developing their integrated platforms and this will be available from September 1. Microsoft has become popular for its cloud services which are growing rapidly. The difference between the two bundle services is that Microsoft 365 will be useful for the users of Windows 10 Enterprise and the Microsoft 365 Business will allow users to access the Windows 10 Professional editions.

It will be interesting to see the user’s response to the newly launched Microsoft 365 bundled service.

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