The recently exposed asteroid, Florence that is hovering towards our planet with an unusual speed consists of two natural satellites. The asteroid was supposed to pass by the Earth surface on September 1st. It is 2.4 miles wider and considered to be one of the biggest asteroids at distance of 7 million kilometers from the Earth’s vicinity.

The two satellites revolving around the body have diameters ranging from 100 to 300 meters. It is spherical in shape, slightly pointed at its equator and having one giant-size crater. Researchers kept a close eye on the asteroid when it was about to pass through the Earth’s surface. Passing of Florence through our planet happens very rarely. Hence, gives a very infrequent chance for the astronomers to have an in-depth analysis of this heavenly body.

While conducting the study, they got to know about these two satellites of an asteroid. They clicked a number of astounding images of the asteroid along with its satellites. Radar observations played a huge role in finding the existence of Florence along with the other two.

The time required by the Florence to rotate itself is 3 hours. “If the speed of its rotation would have been slightly greater it might have fallen distance apart”, said Chodas, the lead researcher of the study. Many other scientists were involved in the study.

Space rocks such as asteroids, meteorites and comets were first discovered by astronomer Schelte Bus during conducting Siding Spring Observatory in the year 1981. After this, the asteroid won’t be visiting our planets till next few couple of decades.

Another outstanding discovery, researchers made with the help of Sky and telescope is that the asteroid reflects back 20 percent of the sunlight that falls on it. The NSF Aricebo Observatory and Goldstone’s Solar System Radar will make out density and the total mass of the asteroid on 8th of September.

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