Samsung Galaxy’s S9 Video Camera will be 4 Times Faster than IPhone X

samsung galaxy's s9 video camera will be 4 times faster than iphone x

Samsung is always being in the competition when it comes to its camera performance. But, today it’s going to pull down iPhone X by rolling out its ever-demanded video camera quality. It’s going to be 4 times faster than Apple’s newly launched iPhone X.

Samsung has already departed Galaxy S9 capable of shooting the videos at 1000 frames per second quality. The new image sensor will play an important role in this case. In the competition, Galaxy S9 will be at the first position capturing slow-motion video 40 times faster than Sony’s XZ premium smartphone.

While Apple will stand on the second position serving better and faster video quality as compared to Sony. However, Samsung will use different techniques when compared with those used in Apple’s iPhone X.

Samsung will feature three-layer sensor technology similar to Sony, having improved processor chip and faster DRAM memory. The third layer will be placed on the top of existing two layers rather than sandwiching it between the other two. Sony, on the other hand, has the third layer sandwiched between the existing layer.

The cost and productivity are really going to be a curse for Samsung but still, it will manage to lead other tech giants with its locally-manufactured processor chips. According to reports, one major drawback Samsung will go through is that if any one of the layers fails to do its job the entire processor will collapse down. Whole processor chip will then go useless.

Samsung will begin the mass production of Galaxy S9 soon in November. Possibly, the new design will be inherent to all the upcoming S series. Galaxy S9 will hit the Indian market at the start of the next year. Samsung has delayed its launch due to heavy loss that Apple faced with its iPhone 8 and more with iPhone X.

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