Many studies have already been conducted that shows how asteroids have a bad impact on our planet. Those impacts are really very tremendous but not as harmful as that of super volcanic eruptions. According to the recent study conducted by the researchers at NASA, super volcanoes have a greater impact on well-being as compared to the asteroid hits.

The impact is so enormous that along with humans the huge volcanoes will devastate entire ecosystem and alter the climatic conditions of the planet. NASA scientists are working hard to prevent our planet from such an enormous explosion.

Brian Wilcox, part of Advisory Council on Planetary Defense of NASA is paying more attention towards analyzing the Yellowstone great volcano and how it will impact our ecosystem. The hot and melted magma erupts up through the earth surface after every 600,000 years. So, the last Yellowstone supervolcano eruption took place around 600,000 years ago.

Researchers have found a strategy to defeat back these 20 upcoming volcanic eruptions. They decided to use a drilling tool for making a huge pit into the lowermost part of the volcano and later with help of high-pressure water to give out the heat energy from the hot magma cavity.

This supervolcano can last just for a while or can take millions of years to get back to its normal state. New Zealand experienced the major volcanic eruption around 26,500 years ago that left the entire country in the devastated state.
The ultimate fact is that dealing with a volcanic eruption is not as easy as dealing with an asteroid exploding, Wilcox said. “For this supervolcano eruption, people reacted in a similar way when our planet faced the first asteroid hit. So, if scientists come up with better solutions to defend against this huge mass of hot magma then this can even become an easier task.”

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