Tesla Model 3 Receives Positive Support from Customers Even After Delayed Possession.

Tesla Model 3 Receives Positive Support from Customers Even After Delayed Possession.

The customers tend to get irate and aggressive when the delivery of the car is delayed even by a week. But the situation is completely different in the case of Tesla Model 3 car whose booking was confirmed by the showrooms months ago. On the contrary, the customers are willing to continue the wait for more six months if it takes to get the possession of the car. The customer believes that the delay would definitely turn in better quality product and this belief has still been in the favour of the company. One of the customers Brian Lawley waited in the lengthy line to book the Tesla Model 3 car some 20 months back when the booking of the car was announced. The customers seem to have no objection over delayed possession of the cars even after 20 months of the booking of the car and support the vision and strategy of the CEO Elon Musk.

According to the report, the manufacturing of Tesla Model 3 car is currently facing financial crunch and struggling hard to meet the deadlines of entering the market and reaching to the customer. There is no news of any customer canceling their booking or even criticizing the current situation and approach of the company. This indicates the trust and confidence which the company has gained from their customers over the quality and durability of their products in the market. There are a lot of uncertainties existing in the market related to the future of the electric car models due to slower output ratio in the US market and electric car tax-credits which could create an unfavourable environment for the electric car manufacturing companies. But this support from the customer for Tesla car models indicates that it has a long way to go and the unstable environment won’t have any major impact on the company.

Tesla recently made an announcement about their inability to meet the production deadline of producing at least 5000 Tesla Model 3 Sedan car per week until March. This didn’t impact the customers in any major way but was fully supported by the customers. There were no concrete confirmations given by the company about the delivery of their cars in the past which indicate that the customers were already aware that there would be a delay and slippage in the delivery of their car in future from the company. The previous quarter target set by the company was to produce at least 1500 Model 3 car but managed to produce only 260 cars. This was not even 25 percent of the target set by the company.

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