Toyota revives its most iconic sports car Supra
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Toyota revives its most iconic sports car Supra

Well, after 16years is quite a long break, but anyways Toyota has thought of reviving its most iconic sports car, as stated by the President Akio Toyoda. With more exciting technology, a car without a steering wheel or an accelerator pedal wherein the industry is moving towards self-driven cars. However, after its 6years in development, Asia’s biggest automaker has revealed its concept related to this car on Tuesday at the Geneva International Motor show. In addition, the sales for this car will commence at the beginning of 2019, as informed by the Toyota spokeswoman.

Moving ahead, as far as technology is concerned, the new trends related to electrification, autonomous driving, and the threat of sharing the vehicle to turn cars into more utilitarian people-movers. Additionally, to expand the market, or rather you can say it as to compete in the market Toyota will be utilizing its thrilling product such as Supra. Japanese giant has been facing a major challenge, they are actually known for their affordable cars, to maintain the value in the market are also looking out for speed and power, as per Tim Urquhart, an automotive analyst with IHS Market in London.

However, 20 years back, the last Supra presented itself as an icon in its own way, Urquhart added. While, the question arises, whether the market will have a huge response towards quick and sporty Toyota.

Moreover, coming up next is the pricing, which is undisclosed yet, Supra with rear-wheel drive, two-door system, might start at $50,000, as per Forbes. Which in turn takes Supra to compete directly with Mercedes SLC Roadster and Chevrolet Corvette. The Supra is on the top 86 right now, as its one of the purest sports car from Toyota’s that have been lined-up, this will cost around $26,000 to $ 40,000 depending upon the options and trim line.

Further, the new Supra has been the result of sharing the agreement with BMW AG, which includes soft-top Z4 sharing the main components and same chassis. Well, actually this vehicle has already been debuted last August, and this year it will be set for sale. More sports car from Toyota is yet to come on its way one of them includes 1,000-horsepower supercar concept that has already been introduced in January.

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