In recent years many research studies are conducted which aims to make life habitable on Mars. After some decades this will turn out to be the reality. UAE which is dream city for many of us is in the forefront when it comes to construction of buildings, monuments, and different architectures. Recently UAE has also planned to build a city which can mimic the life on Mars. This will help many aspirants to understand the climatic conditions and the habitat which exists on Mars.

UAE will build a prototype which will replicate the climate conditions that exists on Mars. This will be the first city to build such prototype. UAE officials have already planned to build such prototype and the project is named as Mars Science City Project. This project is a part of company’s 2117 Mars strategy. This will be the first real city to mimic the existence of life on Mars.

This city which comes under Mars Science Project will build a realistic model and the conditions which exist on the surface of Red Planet. UAE officials claim that this will be one of the most classic structures on Earth. This project will serve as a guide for the engineers to colonize the red planet. The surface of Mars which has spread across 1.9 million sq. the foot will be utilized to for constructing and building materials.

Under UAE’s Mars Science Project, this city will make use of 3D printing technology, heat insulation, and radiation insulation to mimic the environmental conditions which exist there. Also, this city will have laboratories which can simulate the climatic conditions on Mars. UAE will deploy a dedicated team to stay here for one year so which will help the researchers to mimic identify the conditions which will help the astronauts to stay there and ensure that they are well-fed.

This Mars city will be open for tourists and the local public as it also holds, space museum that flaunts 3D-printed design and Emirati sand. Apart from the existence of life on red planet different factors like the farming and the strategies which will help in the survival are also evaluated. Within next few decades, Elon Musk said that Mars will be made habitable and 1 million people can stay there.

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