WhatsApp Breaks the Record of 1 Billion Daily Active Users Along with Facebook

WhatsApp Breaks the Record of 1 Billion Daily Active Users Along with Facebook

WhatsApp the most-like messaging platform by the users have reached new heights. WhatsApp alone has successfully managed to grab a large number of users and has crossed a mark of 1 billion daily active users. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook offers different perks to the users and serves as an instant messaging platform.

Facebook which is the parent of WhatsApp have also reached whopping $9.3 Billion profit in the second quarter of 2017 itself and a major share of the revenue goes to its advertising platform. WhatsApp offers various features to the users apart from just messaging. Some of the interesting features provided by them are WhatsApp Status, free Video Calling, Voice Calling, animated GIFs and endless set of interactive emojis which makes messaging a fun.

A mark of 1 billion daily active users is surely a gain for WhatsApp because of which it has become the favorite messaging and photo sharing platform. WhatsApp Status the feature which was recently launched by the company similar to Snapchat status has been appreciated by many users. On daily basis, more than 250 million Statuses are posted on WhatsApp.

In early 2015 when Facebook had purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion it has only 450 million active users out of which 315 were using this platform on daily basis. However now Facebook the parent of WhatsApp has crossed a mark of more than 1 billion daily active users. Snapchat which is one of the WhatsApp competitors has only 250 million daily active users and has a long way to go.

WhatsApp is continuously undergoing new changes to make its platform more fun and interactive. Presently this platform supports 60 different languages to make communication easier. The app can be downloaded free from the Play Store. Instagram which is also owned by Facebook is also gaining huge popularity and has 200 million daily active users.
Facebook is also gearing up to attract more and more users and is streaming more ads across the app. Instagram on other hand doesn’t have many ads or zero ads.

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