Your Tastebuds are the Main Culprit Affecting your Weight Loss Journey

Your Taste Buds are the Main Culprit Affecting your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is the buzz word among many people including the youngsters, adults and old age groups. Obesity and overweight are the main issues faced globally which gives rise to different diseases by affecting the normal functioning of the body. At some point in time in the life, every individual thinks of losing weight. For some weight loss journey is an easy process while some others struggle to maintain healthy body weight.

A new study conducted by the researchers from University in Ithaca, New York has proved that the taste buds present on the tongue are the major culprit which prevents you from losing weight. There are many factors will influence your eating habits. Some habits can increase your cravings towards the unhealthy foods. This study has shown the impact of tasting ability which is negatively affecting your weight loss journey.

Taste buds are a small group of cells present on our tongue which helps an individual to determine the taste of different food items. The functioning of taste buds and the related tasting ability differs from one individual to other. Some individuals have low tasting ability which increases their cravings towards the sweet food items that add up to their weight.

The link between reduced tasting ability and the related weight gain was identified by many past studies, but none of them has shown its impact on our food choices. Some people whose taste buds have low sensitivity towards sweet foods prefer to consume more sugar and end up by gaining pounds.

To prove this hypothesis the researchers gathered a group of individuals who have shown a decline in the sensitivity towards sweet food items. Later on, they were given sweet food items having the different amount of sugar content. To reduce their sensitivity towards sweetness was reduced with the help of herbal tea having the different proportion of naturally occurring herb called Gymnema Sylvestre.

The researchers found that the individuals with low levels of sweet receptors usually end up consuming more sweet foods compared to others. This is how the taste buds play a major role in influencing the food habits of different individuals either causing weight gain or weight loss.

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